Brand Guidelines


If you’re looking for a copy of the logo, you’ve come to the right place. Below there is a link to all the versions of the logo you’ll ever need.

If you want to use the logo, and we hope you do, there are a few rules we’d like to ask you to stick to. They’re very simple, and they will help make your artwork land Audax UK look as smart as possible. You can find them in the HOW TO USE THE LOGO section.

We’ve also supplied you with swatches of the official Audax UK colours, as well as the patterns we use with the colours and logos.

If you any questions about how to use all this, then send us an email to and we’ll try to help.

We’re also really happy to consider producing any artwork you might need for your event.

The Audax UK publications team

Meet Sheila

Sheila has been part of Audax UK since the first Windsor-Chester-Windsor 600km event was held in 1976. The logo for the event, a qualifier for British cyclists to enter the Paris-Brest-Paris, became the logo for the newly formed Audax UK.

Sheila has undergone many variations throughout its history.


The eagle was used for the first AUK event, the Windsor-Chester-Windsor 600km in 1976 because the WCW route roughly followed a Roman road and the eagle was the Roman standard

A fine wooden trophy was carved by Len Phipps depicting an eagle, this trophy was awarded to the club with the most riders completing the WCW each year - this was reproduced as a line drawing. The original trophy has sadly been lost.


The eagle redrawn for the brevet card designs and cloth badges.


Updated with sharper details and fewer supporting lines


A new logo design was opened up to the members of Audax UK, the winning entry was refined ready for digital reproduction.


The 2014 Sheila represents the Audax experience of the open road, expansive views and self sufficiency.

Download Sheila and the AUK logo


A number of layout variations are available to suit multiple applications.

Full Logo

Horizontal Logo

TLA Logo

Just Sheila

Download All the AUK logos Logos in 7 Colours


A set of brand colours have been developed. Each is based on the colours associated with a distance undertaken within Audax UK.

Download Illustrator Colour Swatches (CS5+)


A set of repeating patterns has been created to use across marketing materials, you can view these below, grab transparent png files or download the Adobe Illustrator pattern swatches.

Download Illustrator/InDesign Pattern Swatches (CS5+)


Audax UK licences DIN Pro for use on it's logo and official publications. An open source variation of DIN is available for download from The Open Font Library

DIN is a sans-serif typeface that is widely used for traffic, administrative and technical applications. It was defined by the German standards body DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization) in the standard sheet DIN 1451-Schriften (typefaces) in 1931 (via wikipedia).

The first cut of OSP-DIN was drawn for the festival Cinema du réel 2009, when we were invited to work on a cartographic version of the programme. We drew the first cut of the open source DIN from grid based drawings similar to the original 1932 drawings of the DIN we saw during our investigative trip to Berlin in february 2008 (via openfontlibrary).

How to use the Logo

We really want you to use the logo, by applying these few rules will help make your artwork look as smart as possible.


Only use one of the seven Audax UK colours, black or white.

Don’t use more than one colour on the logo or apply any gradients.


Don’t move the elements of the logo around. Use the logos as supplied.

Don't stretch or compress the logo in any direction.


Don’t add anything to or over the logo

Don’t Crop the logo

Don’t Rotate or Flip the logo


Download All the AUK Logo Files

Download Adobe Colour Swatches (CS5+)

Download Adobe Pattern Swatches (CS5+)

Download Everything!

New Downloads

AUK Webfont Used on this page to display the logo in scalable, crisp svg style, download the font files and css

Download the AUK Logo Font

Brand Colour Logos Full set of logos and variations in all 7 colours

Download 7 Colour Logos

Logos & Branding by Kieran Harrod

Recent Examples

We'd love to see examples of where you've used the Audax Logo. Upload a photo via instagram with the #AUKLogo tag and our curators will select the best to appear here and on the brand website. Please note we can't feature every image.


View more on the AUKLogo tumblr.

Logo, Colour + Pattern Simulator

Audaxer Phil W has created a little web app that allows you to preview how Sheila looks on variations of the Audax Colour and pattern schemes. Check it here: Audax Banner Generator